Tips to Uncover Affordable Dive Watches Under $200

dive watches under 200Every professional diver knows the need and importance associated with owning and using reliable diver’s watches. There are a lot that you (a diver) can accomplish in your diving adventures and profession by simply owning and using some of the best dive watches that the industry has to offer.

The good news is that these watches as nice and versatile as they are do not cost much! In short; a popular wrist watch website has a list of Best watches under 200 dollars with the majority of timepieces list on their site being professional diving watches. What this means is that with just $200 or less in your wallet or pocket, you can proudly become owners of a professionally designed divers timepiece which you can immediately put to use on your next diving adventure.

No matter how cheap and affordable you end up buying a dive watch, without the necessary features and add-ons that make it fit for use in diving, it becomes worthless and totally useless. So to be able to take advantage of these low prices in pro dive wristwatches you need to be able to identify those factors that make for great looking and functional swimmer watch.

And these factors are what will be thoroughly reviewed in the upcoming paragraphs. So stay tuned!

Factors that Makes a Versatile Divers Watch

Water Resistant: in our professional opinion, this is by far the most important and crucial factor that every watch considered suitable for diving purposes MUST have and which without it becomes useless and worthless. For any watch to be considered suitable for even swimming purposes before coming to diving, it must be able to remain functional beneath water surfaces and that’s basically what “water resistant” property of watches is all about!

It must also be noted here that water resistant is of different depth range. The deeper you intend to diver the higher the water resistant depth of your watch should be. Be careful when buying because some watches that are water resistant are only suitable for swimming and maybe scuba diving but not suitable for diving or deep diving.

Backlight: this is another handy feature that we consider a vital add-on for every dive wristwatches. For those moments that you are beneath the water surface and need to glance quickly at your watch crystal to either read time or note how many minutes you have spent in the ocean you might be frustrated should the water depth be dark and your watch has no backlight functionality.

Countdown Timer: this is yet another powerful add-on feature that must be present on every watch tagged suitable for use in diving especially deep diving. With this feature in your timepiece, you will be able to keep track of how long you have been under the water surface. This also helps you to keep track of your overall performance and progress most especially when practicing and training for breathing withholding under the water.

Alarm Clock Function: this might not be of utmost importance but still we decided to include it for anyone that might need to be reminded when he has spent up to a certain minute or hour beneath the water and there is a need to come up for intake of oxygen.

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